Saving Time

Time Efficiency

Ben Franklin once said:

Nothing is certain except death and taxes.


True, it is. But we’d like to propose another thing. We are absolutely certain, and we think you’ll agree, that there will never be a shortage of tasks to complete and jobs to get done. The older we get the busier we become.


Do you often find yourself wishing there were more hours in the day? You’re not alone. Have you ever stopped to think about how things must have been decades ago before the advent of motor vehicles, air travel, email, cell phones, or FaceTime? You and I can travel hundreds of miles a day, go clear across the country for a meeting and still make it home for dinner. We can hold important video conferences with foreign partners in distant lands and yet never leave the comfort of our home office. We can race from one store to another and back home again without even feeling it.


Imagine how much our predecessors must have felt about time management. Distant correspondence required pen, paper, stamps, and long waiting periods. Cross-country travel took days, weeks, or even months. Business meetings were week-long events. No quick pop-ins, no brief phone calls. Everything took much longer and required extensive resources.


How did they do it?!


Meanwhile, any minute we can save, any unnecessary waste of time we can cut is money saved and money earned. We’re always looking for ways to cut out time killers and add as much time to our day as we can.


Here’s a time saver that could do you and your organization some good. Did you know that it would take roughly eight hours for an employee to go through and shred seven boxes of paper with an ordinary office shredder? Depending on how much you pay your employees, which sure can be an expensive task! Imagine all the things that person could be accomplishing elsewhere. On the other hand, what takes you eight hours, our professional shredsters can do more securely and more effectively in under 15 minutes. It’s the difference between taking a horse and carriage to work and simply jumping on the MAX. Just think of what your employees could accomplish with that extra time!


At Shred Northwest we understand that businesses throughout Oregon and Washington are trying to increase efficiency and reduce waste. Labor and manpower can also be wasted if used inefficiently. Save your employees from the old way of doing things and let us help you do what you do best.


Another shred, another victory.

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