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Paper Shredding Near You

Shred Northwest has become the preferred supplier for effective and safe paper shredding. Shred Northwest is a prime example of excellence in the document destruction business because of its emphasis on security, environmental responsibility, and customer happiness. Select Shred Northwest as your dependable and trustworthy ally to protect your confidential data. Shred Northwest’s success is largely attributed to its customer-centric strategy. The business cherishes its customers and works hard to create enduring bonds with them through dependability, trust, and top-notch support. The committed staff at Shred Northwest is available around the clock to answer your questions and offer tailored solutions to suit your requirements.


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@ work

Shred NW is the #1 commercial shredding services provider for offices and prestigious organizations in the Pacific Northwest. From the moment you start our relationship, you will immediately experience what makes us different from the rest. Our friendly, local team members (as mentioned in Google Reviews) are working to remember all the critical details that make your job easier. Transparent service agreements. No hidden fees or surprises. No nonsense! We even facilitate your shredding needs for branch locations in all of the 50 States.

@ home

Working from home? You don’t have to be a BIG organization to get AWESOME and AFFORDABLE residential shredding! We have great shredding options for remote workers, small businesses and residential households with as little as just a couple of boxes or bags. Don’t risk using a “drop off location” where material sits around in shipping stores, NOT NAID AAA Certified, waiting to be shred! Plus, chances are we will save you some money.


Do your policies and procedures require witnessed shredding? Do you want to see what the latest and greatest mobile shred truck technology can do for you? A Shred Northwest Certificate of Destruction makes onsite shredding secure, and can be a great option for you. Onsite shredding with Shred Northwest is convenient because we can shred paper, and your hard drives, at your location, with one of our many high-tech, dual functioning shred trucks.
You might be surprised at how affordably our onsite shredding will take care of your needs.
Just wanting to see everything “go away” as securely, and quietly as possible? Do you already have your confidential information palletized and ready to go? A Shred Northwest Certificate of Destruction makes offsite shredding secure, and can be a great option for you. Offsite shredding is convenient because we recycle the cardboard for you, and any incidental garbage is also taken care of by us (such as binders, large clips, etc).
You might be surprised at how many organizations choose offsite shredding as their preferred secure method of destruction.


One Time Shredding


Shred Northwest comes to your location, and we show up to shred within a 2 hour expected time window so your schedule is minimally impacted. Shred Northwest employees are hard workers and you can expect them to get to work going the extra mile shredding for you! With friendly and helpful pacific northwest positive attitudes, each of us are totally committed to getting the big and small details of your project right. Special COVID protocols…no prob. Special routing needs…no prob. Nasty stairs…yep, you guessed it, no problem, we can bring the labor and get it done for you! From the office, to operations, to owners…we are totally committed to you! As an organization focused and centered around improving from feedback received from customer reviews, our company “culture” is obsessive about each and every single one-time shredding project. We want your one-time shredding purge to be a flawless shredding experience for you, at the lowest price, with the top security. It’s time to purge those records and hard drives. It’s time you tried shredding with Shred Northwest. 😻✌


Want your shredding company to come by every week…every two weeks, every 4 weeks, 8, or 12 weeks? Need to shift around that frequency throughout the year? Have one office, or 100 offices you need a better shredding partner to help at? Need just a single secure shred cart to keep in a back room, or a shred bin placed next to each copier, or a thousand executive consoles to place throughout your hospital system? Whatever your mix of needs are related to frequencies, locations, quantities and sizes of containers, Shred Northwest will make certain it becomes a simply-sophisticated and affordable solution. Fair and reasonable as a business partner/vendor. Operational reliability to show up and do great work. Local people on the other end of the phone line or email thread with you who are working to remember names, details, and nuances so problems are avoided, quickly detected, and effectively resolved.


There’s a difference when you shred with us. Give us a call and let’s open a discussion, or, without having to talk with anyone, check out our new sales machine and get your prices, quote, and everything needed to schedule your delivery…without having to talk with anyone at our office. We’ve got it all that much “dialed in”.


One box, 100 boxes, or 1,000’s of boxes… we make shredding your confidential paper and records EASY! And by the way, if you still think using paper is bad for the environment, welcome to 2021 and think again! Using paper appropriately within your business is affordable, easy for others, reliable, and is part of an increasingly renewable resource industry. Simply put, you just don’t always need expensive, hackable, and battery powered devices and widgets, for EVERY SINGLE workflow! There is an appropriate choice for paper, and shredding it is such a simple way to ensure a secure and confidential “final disposition” (legal term). In a world where infinitely more of your data and privacy is hosted in “the cloud” and owned by advertisers, if created offline, and stored offline…YOU CAN’T HACK THAT. Maybe a little “old school” kept in the mix will still best protect your modern privacy risks.


1 hard drive is like 1,000 boxes of confidential paper information…or even more! Shred Northwest has mobile shredding trucks that can shred hundreds of pounds of paper…or up to 20 hard drives a minute at your location. Some of our competitors can shred EITHER paper, or hard drives when they come to you, NOT US…we can shred both! Hard drives contain metals, and even rare earth metals, that are mostly mined outside the United States. Such mining operations are not renewable to the earth. By shredding a hard drive, we help you recycle those metals, without compromising your security. It is very common for Shred Northwest to shred hundreds or thousands of hard drives for a project, but increasingly we are shredding a handful of hard drives at each and every location.


Confidential and proprietary materials that need to be destroyed come in all shapes & sizes… floppy disks, cds/dvds, x-rays, LTO’s, bad product batches & more. Shred Northwest has you covered! The thing about shredding unusual “stuff”…is that usually a quick phone call really helps all of us get creative and make a great plan for the best and most affordable solution. Call us at 503-669-0460
Shred Northwest is NAID AAA Certified, and we also have an employee with the prestigious CSDS accreditation. We definitely have a lot of fun doing our jobs, and branding our company, but make no mistake, there are NO SHORTCUTS, when it comes to our security and your confidentiality! Our shredding services are critical for supporting your HIPAA compliance. Click to read more detail on our security & compliance measures.
As residents and fans of this amazing Pacific Northwest and planet, we help to protect the environment & increase the amount of recycled materials. Keeping our environment clean, safe and habitable is a core value of us. When you shred with Shred Northwest, it means that you are participating in recycling. Did you know that today’s confidential papers are the toilet paper (tissue paper) for the future? 🙂 Remember, eWaste is increasing in exponential volumes. What this means is that the amount of old computers, tablets, phones, monitors, servers, etc are being replaced in exponential volumes. The eWaste that contributes to a “paperless office” is a serious concern to sustainability and often goes under-reported or under-considered.
Starting onEarth day 2021, every time a new customer signs up for shredding services with Shred Northwest, we will plant 1 tree for you, and 4 more trees for a few of your business neighbors through ONE TREE PLANTED. Don’t believe all the hype, modern paper production is more sustainable than you think…and being part of the replanting efforts makes it one step closer to the sustainable level. We invite you to shred with us, and join forces with people actually putting their money where their mouth is. We are committed to keeping ourplanet AMAZING!