Ongoing Shredding in Portland​

Fill. Shred. Repeat.


Ongoing shredding services with Shred Northwest, also called “recurring shredding”, or “permanent service”, is affordable and secure for organizations of all industries and sizes.  We are confident the convenience created when you do not have to worry about calling us to schedule your shredding appointment, and instead you trust that we come every month (i.e. “every four weeks”) will be noticed and helpful.  We work with your calendar and budget to come only when you need shredding.  We can come weekly, every two weeks, every four, eight, or twelve weeks to shred your paper.  If your shredding needs change during a certain time of year, it’s easy to change your schedule and switch.
Shredding your Paper on a Routine Schedule is a Practical Approach to Defend your Intellectual Property from Civil Lawsuit and Criminal Breach.
To change your schedule, or learn about our routine shredding services, just call us at 503-669-0460 and you’re going to speak to a happy, trained, awesome, Shred Northwest team member ready to help out and solve problems.

Choose the Best Container

Our standard ongoing shredding service comes with two different container sizes to choose from. We offer a 65 gallon and a 30 gallon secure shred console (which looks more like a piece of furniture compared to a bin). Larger and smaller containers are available if needed. A 65 gallon shred container holds about 200 pounds of paper when really full. A “console” has the capacity to hold up to 75 pounds of paper. Each container has a molded paper slot for secure document collection and tampering prevention. As soon as you’re ready to go, Shred Northwest will deliver your size and quantity of containers to your service location immediately to get started. 

Pick the Perfect Frequency

Pros of Ongoing Shredding

Shredding your documents according to a written plan is important for your organization.  In fact, in the absence of written policies and procedures regarding your information privacy, your organization could be
found non-compliant to certain laws.  Ouch!  We recommend simplifying your compliance procedures by getting your organization into a “rhythm” where Shred Northwest comes routinely to shred paper.  We also
recommend having a simple and effective “shred all” policy that eliminates the risks of employee decision making (“should this be shred…or should I just put this document in a recycling box”???).  Busy employees
with lots going on will inevitably make mistakes sorting shred vs. recycle.  The paper we shred for you is recycled and so sustainability goals are still met even though the paper is shred.  The most common
shredding frequency is “monthly”, where we come every 4 weeks to your location and shred, but you pick the best frequency and we will be there!

Why Choose Ongoing Shredding Services

Continuous shredding services from Shred Northwest offer a proactive approach to document destruction at a time when information security is crucial. This lowers the possibility of data breaches and unauthorised access by ensuring that sensitive information is consistently and securely removed.

Ongoing Shredding in Salem

Oregon’s capital city Salem should provide shredding services that are commensurate with the city’s dedication to security and efficiency. Salem’s ongoing shredding services meet the various demands of the community’s citizens, companies, and government buildings. Take advantage of routine shredding collections without interfering with your regular business. In order to maintain a safe and legal approach to document destruction, continuous shredding services are your ally, whether you’re in Salem’s busy commercial districts or its historic downtown. Bid farewell to the disarray of pointless documents and welcome to a safer and better-organized work area.



Call Shred Northwest
The easiest way to get everyone on the same page is with a quick phone call. 503-669-0460 Our owners, managers and employees live here locally and we treat people the way we like to be treated. When you call, we will explain our services, work out the logistical details of what you need best, and discuss the legal parameters of information privacy laws we operate within and serve you by.


Deliever Containers for ongoing shredding
With the sizes and number of containers decided, as well as the frequency for your ongoing shredding we will deliver your containers next business day to your location. You can request a key to allow employees access to opening the bin, or we can not provide the key, in order to eliminate tampering from internal breaches. Let the shredding begin! 🙂


mobile shredding
On the expected day of the week and date, our skilled and courteous shredding operators will come on your predetermined service day and shred your sensitive documents. When they are finished they will give you a certificate of destruction for you to keep in your records. They are trained to wipe their feet, be respectful of your office, be friendly, and above all else…to be secure.


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