Our Oregon coast is cold, rainy, and windy, but you’ll still see us out there loving it up, even if we do wear full wetsuits to surf, and our boardshorts and bikinis are underneath a waterproof rain suit, while rocking our knee height rubber boots. We don’t mind it, in fact, we love it! Rocky and rugged shore breaks with giant sprawling sandy shores…we claim these kite flying Meccas to be the best beach areas in the world! Why else would the most classic 80’s movie ever made (The Goonies) be filmed here in our coastal backyard communities? Why else can you find Shred Northwest employee families out here ALL THE TIME, fishing, crabbing, vacationing, and supporting local coastal business?
The beauty of the Oregon Coast is second to none! Likewise, Shred Northwest is second to none! We hope you give us a chance to show you how we can bring you the finest paper shredding services in the world, right here to the best coastal communities in the world!.


Did you know that today’s most confidential information is the future’s toilet paper? HAHA! What irony! Anymore in today’s recycling-world there is no real trade off between achieving your organization’s sustainability goals, and choosing to have a robust comprehensive information destruction plan. The world needs LOTS of tissue paper! Some organizations think that the prudent decision is to have employees sort paper into two categories based on the information printed on the pages. Recycle the non-sensitive information, and SHRED everything confidential and secure in nature. Here’s what employees have to get right as a decision they make, “this page doesn’t have sensitive information so I will decide to put it in the recycle box…BUT this page DOES have sensitive information on it so I will decide to put it in the shred bin”. Having such a discriminating policy wastes time as an efficient double check by employees, and over time, will have errors. Just shred everything! Simplify your training, policies and procedures, and JUST SHRED EVERYTHING, including hard drives.
Shred Northwest is affordable and totally secure so having us shred and recycle all your paper and hard drives is hopefully a really straight forward decision.


Shred Northwest is happy to inform you that we are regularly shredding out at the coast. Like all shred company’s our trucks are dispatched from one central location and then travel in a “route” to our customers. Routes out in coastal communities are built from customers who request us to come shred for them every four weeks, every eight weeks, or even every 12 weeks. We will provide you with enough secure containers in order to make certain you have the capacity to go four weeks between shredding dates.
For more details about “ongoing” shredding, you can click here. Sometimes our “offsite” shredding (secure transport vehicles) and hard drive shredding trucks may have a better route for you than our onsite, mobile shredding trucks. To find the next available time that we are shredding at the coast please call 503-669-0460 and we can make arrangements. We definitely have the ability to come and shred for you “off-route”, but our awesome customer service team can go over all those details with you.
Shred Northwest is affordable and totally secure so having us shred and recycle all your paper and hard drives is hopefully a really straight forward decision.


-What it takes to be successful shredding paper & hard drives out at the Oregon Coast-
We took the photo of the shred truck on the beach several years ago and people frequently ask us, “is that Photoshopped”? Answer: definitely not. One of the interesting and unique features of the Oregon coast line is that in 1913 the beaches from the California border, to the northern Washington border, are designated essentially as public highways. This public access was further strengthened in 1967 and so yes…this Shred Northwest truck was parked on the beach, just driving to see some customers. Ok, ok, so maybe this truck wasn’t on route, at sunset, to see our customers, but we definitely wanted to exercise our Oregonian rights to drive on the beach!
Shred Northwest drivers are conscientious and defensive drivers. We want to be on-time to see each and every one of our customers, but we know that we cannot make up time by speeding around on the road. Please let us know if you ever see anything regarding our mobile shred trucks that you are not comfortable with. We want to know, and will take robust action.
Shredding paper and hard drives out in the Oregon coastal areas requires special attention to the wind. Our employees understand how to operate our equipment so that renegade paper does not escape as it’s being tipped from the shred cart, into the shred truck. Shred Northwest employees know that we never carry more than one box of paper at a time in order to prevent accidental box failures where the bottom of the box blows out and paper goes blowing away. We work to always handle your information with the best care possible.


If you are looking for a paper shredding services company that is as amazing as the Oregon coast is, we ask you to give us a shot. We want to provide you with a low price, exceptional service, and the opportunity to work with the best! We hope to hear from you soon. Please call us at 503-669-0460 or email us and we will be in touch with you immediately.
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