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Being Prepared with Shred Northwest

Life is full of uncertainty.


No matter how long we’ve been playing the game, no matter how much experience we’ve attained along the way, life throws curve balls all the time. Most of the time, we’re not even concerned about hitting home-runs–we just don’t want to strike out!


While it’s impossible to anticipate all the ups and downs we’ll encounter, preparedness is certainly not impossible. In fact, in today’s competitive and regulated environment it’s required!


For example, consider medical clinics and the compliance requirements that go along with HIPAA and other personal information protection acts. These types of legislation require companies and organizations to adopt procedures that will help safeguard their own information and the information they store for others. While seemingly cumbersome and time-consuming, these regulations help organizations to avoid “striking out” and falling prey to lawsuits, legal penalties, etc.


That being said, few organizations have the manpower, time, or expertise to effectively create and run these information security procedures. We understand their plight. It’s a lot to manage and the stakes are high. That’s why companies and organizations all over Oregon and Washington have come to us for relief.


We’re experts in information management systems and help our customers meet the procedural expectations other governing bodies require of them. Plus, we do it at less expense than it would cost them to do it themselves.


In other words, Shred Northwest allows you to keep on doing what you do best, without being overwhelmed by the burden these regulations cause. So stop worrying about striking out. We’ll make sure that’s never a possibility.


In the meantime, you can keep on hitting home-runs and we’ll keep shredding on.


Another shred, another victory!

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