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Portland, Oregon is our home town and a beautiful city to live in and to shred for. We are a city full of flavor and innovation. Shred Northwest brings the flavor of Portland to you along with a little of our own Pacific Northwest vibe. We are determined to be the best shred company in this city for organizations of all kinds. We understand your commitment to the environment, your focus on sustainable business practices and equality. We ALWAYS work to go the extra mile so that it is ALWAYS TRUE that your choice to work with a local company ALWAYS is a choice to work with the best!
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Shredding paper and hard drives in Portland presents unique challenges and opportunities. Unlike many of the surrounding areas and cities of Portland, the downtown area requires special considerations and management approach.


Your business may be located in central downtown and parking is a nightmare. We get it! Most likely we will need to be using freight elevators and carrying our empty containers over your very nice marble tile entrance. We get it! Our operators are trained to be patient, conscientious, and considerate as they move through common office spaces. When we drive our big shred trucks up into the southwest hills to shred at those gorgeous homes we’re keeping our trucks off your landscaping and free from dripping fluids.


Sometimes businesses and individuals want to see their paper shred on the spot, on-site, right before their very eyes. To them, the added noise of our awesome shred trucks and the live shredding isn’t an issue. However, if you have 200 giant boxes in the underground storage areas of a leased office space, you neighbors may not like the sound and exhaust of a shred truck eating up paper for 60 minutes. Often times in downtown Portland, a quicker, more silent and less diesel-dependant approach is requested. We accommodate for those situations too using our off-site shredding services. And, of course, regardless of which shred option you choose, our shred specialists are courteous, quiet, and minimize any disturbances or disruptions as best they can.

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A case study of downtown purging worst case scenarios
Here’s a great Shred Northwest memory! A few years ago Shred Northwest went to a downtown Portland business to purge several years of old records. When we arrived at the business’s location, the neighboring business was under major construction and had the entire block reserved for parking. As you know, there are only so many places you can park a giant shred truck downtown, so we ended up having to park two blocks away.
To make things a little more complicated, the owner’s of the business failed to mention that the boxes were located through the building, down a corridor, a flight of stairs (that were only 18 inches wide and extremely steep, by the way). Due to the height of the stairs anyone over than five feet tall had to duck to to fit through.
Once in the basement of this old, historic building, we had to walk another 35 yards around boilers and other equipment, making three 90 degree turns until finally we were within the musty room filled with damp, molding boxes.
Never ones to complain, after a quick call back to our headquarters to request some manpower backup, we got the job started. The boxes had been damaged by water and so our team ended hand-scooping piles of damp, moldy paper and carried them by hand all the way back up to the street.
Eventually we decided to move the shred truck to a closer parking spot that encroached into a designated motorcycle parking area. It only took about 20 minutes until the Portland City Parking enforcement informed us that we needed to move the shred truck out of the motorcycle parking zone so we rounded up the construction site superintendent and worked out a deal to park in the construction area for a few hours. When all was said and done everyone was happy with the way the project worked out and we continued on our way to the next downtown Portland shredding adventure.
This is a great example of the sorts of variables we are going to ask you about when you call in so that we can plan the correct amount of time and resources to get everything taken care of in a way that is a win-win for both of us.
We work hard to make sure our shred employees go the extra mile for you operationally, and our sales team keeps our prices SUPER low, maximizing the “bang for your buck”. Give us a chance to earn your business.


Alright Portlandia, we hope you’re convinced that Shred Northwest is well qualified to take on your Downtown shredding project, or ongoing shredding routine. Fill out the form, or give us a call at 503-669-0460 and experience our world-class customer service. Talk to you soon.
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