Preventing Paper Waste

Preventing Paper Waste

Have you ever thought about how much work goes into making a single sheet of paper? Do you ever find yourself wasting it? Paper, you might be surprised to learn, has nearly reached precious resource status simply because of the resources it uses up. Because of this companies around the U.S. are seeking for ways to reduce their waste and use paper more efficiently.

Businesses in Portland and throughout the greater Northwest are some of the most progressive and innovative in the world. They’re not only concerned with making and marketing a great product or service, they also want to operate their business in the most efficient way possible. They want to create as little waste as they can.
You might be surprised to learn that offices around the U.S. use 12.1 trillion sheets of paper every year. Yes, trillion. A number that looks like this:


Or perhaps you’d find it interesting to know that it takes over 324 liters of water to produce a single kilogram of paper. Talk about waste, right! Suffice it to say that these forward-thinking companies are seeking to eliminate the amount of paper they use to a bare minimum.
Now since we are a paper “shredding” company, you might assume that we are compounding the problem. “Aren’t you guys just destroying the paper?” No, actually, we’re preserving it. The only thing we’re destroying is sensitive information.
You see, all that we shred is immediately harvested and recycled by paper facilities to be reformed into new types of paper. We believe that recycling paper is the best way to eliminate the amount we need to create. Oregon and Washington businesses get this and that’s why they choose to shred.
At Shred Northwest we know that the only way to improve our future is to improve our habits today. We invite businesses and organizations all over the greater Pacific Northwest to consider the sustainability of their practices and look for small ways to make a difference.
Because every shred is a little victory!

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