The one-time purge

Your important shredding project that will feel so good to have done!


One-time shredding is the perfect choice if you have a large quantity of material that you need to purge all at once. This service provides you a way to dispose of sensitive documents that you accumulate over time, such as old tax forms and junk mail. Your project could be as simple as disposing of a box full of paper or even a warehouse filled with paper. Whether it is in bags, boxes or piles we are more than happy to shred your project. Imagine you could be free of the stress and burden those documents. To make things even more convenient Shred Northwest provides both on-site and off-site service to its customers. Give us a call and tell us about your shredding project. We’ll take care of you.


Shred Northwest’s shredding services are going to be the right choice because we will listen to what you need, and design the project to fit accordingly.   Does it need to be on a specific day?  A specific time of day??  Stairs???


Don’t worry…give us a call and let’s find out what you need, and we can get you the perfect solution.


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