Salem’s AWESOME, LOCAL shredding power!


The capital of our home state and the heart and center of the Willamette Valley–there’s a lot to love about our southern neighbors in Salem. In Salem, and the surrounding cities, we service businesses, retailers, public entities and other legal industry organizations. We know that while Portland has got size, Salem has power. We love servicing all our legal customers and the institutions that keep our state driving forward. Thank you Salem for your voice in our state, and for supporting this local business.



Salem, we admire your bold choices and ability to move forward in cooperative ways, despite difficult negotiating conditions and varied interests. From environmental positions to the newest minimum wage standards, Salem, you make the tough calls. Shred Northwest is an organized work force and supports many labor positions. We also support innovative efforts to support business and families in our state. Our civic involvement is supportive of moderate people from many backgrounds and parties. Salem, you are a growing community and metropolitan city-area and Shred Northwest is the best document shredding services company poised to grow with you.


As a secure shredding services company, we invest significant resources to understand our legal obligations, and the relevant legislation that governs information and data privacy and destruction. Protecting your privacy, protects our business. Shred companies, like Shred Northwest, have to be certain that we are aware of the laws and are always lawfully operating. When we take temporary custody of your paper, hard drives and information, we follow the laws. Shred Northwest employees are trained in best practices and are prepared for “worst-case-scenarios” where the spontaneous moments matter. You can trust that Shred Northwest makes the right decisions when our customers can’t see us. “Split-second” decisions by our employees always tilt towards less risk, and better security for you.



We have had MANY humorous experiences shredding records for our customers who just want a “one-time” “purge”. Let’s see, as we have emptied boxes of paper documents into our shred bins we have had our customers accidentally try to have us shred, live ammunition, shoes, hammers, screw drivers, and even other “inappropriate” items. One of the best stories took place several years ago at a large agribusiness located just outside of Salem.
When the day of the shredding project arrived, Shred Northwest showed up with a few mobile shred trucks ready to destroy about 10 tons worth of paper. Our customer directed our employees to some shipping containers that were being used to lock up some of their corporate data (an innovative storage method that worked for their needs) The doors were opened and we started shredding.
“Shredding”….ehhh…well it just so happens that there were a bunch of rats that had somehow gained access to the shipping containers before us (for some time) and today was a special day for them also, but not because we were there to shred. In fact, our shred day (which the rats certainly were not expecting)….was their ”birth-day”. To be clear…there were baby rats everywhere! These boxes of old archive paper records had become a very comfy “litter box” for rats. The rats had started shredding and the destroying the paper, but we finished the job for them. The rats had been at it for years, and we needed hours…some really gross hours.
It was a nasty day…and one we will long forget! LOL!


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