Here at Shred Northwest we understand that sensitive information comes in many different shapes and sizes. That is why in addition to paper we offer various media and hard drive destruction. Whether you have old floppy disks or CDs that you no longer use but have sensitive data on them or you have X-rays, microfilm with patient information we can help you. We are Naid AAA Certified and our services support your HIPAA compliance and will ensure that your information stays safe no matter what form it comes in.




Media Destruction

Shred Northwest destroys CD’s, DVD’s, VHS, x-rays, floppy disks, LTO’s, and more. For each of these items Shred Northwest has the needed endorsements for NAID AAA Certification.
When it comes to x-rays, you should be very careful to only let a legal business associate take custody of these HIPAA protected records. There are many companies who call and solicit to remove your old x-rays when the price of silver is high. Without careful vetting you may be releasing PHI (Protected Health Information) to the wrong people. Shred Northwest can provide two great options for a responsible way to handle the final disposition of these x-rays. Call us and we will explain.
CD for Media Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction
Our custom-built hard drive destruction equipment allows you to witness the hard drive destruction take place at your location. You can also have the destruction take place in Shred Northwest’s secure facility with our video monitoring systems and plant based protocols. With this option, we pick up the hard drives from you, we lock them in a secure bin and lock the bin in the back of our secure truck for transportation back to our secure shred plant. With either option, we will scan the serial numbers of every hard drive we destroy and we will email you the list of the destroyed hard drives.

Hard drive destruction ends in digital decimation.

In order to be compliant with HIPAA, organizations are obligated to destroy the protected health information (PHI) they manage at the end of it’s retention period. The Shred Northwest hard drive destruction methods are responsible ways to reasonably and cost effectively meet HIPAA’s privacy standards. Details on HIPAA information disposition guidelines can be found at the website of US Department of Health & Human Services.


Hard Drive Destruction Process:

Shred Northwest provides the following detailed steps that describe the process.
There are a number of risks when shipping hard drives to distant businesses that do little more than offer cheap prices and a mailed certificate. Shred Northwest invites local data centers, hospitals, banks and other private organizations to understand the need for the security measures that our hard drive destruction process offers. Your biggest concern should be eliminating potential risks of data leaks and mismanaged information. Shred Northwest is the right choice for managing the security and privacy of your highly sensitive information found on your hard drives.


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