We love what we do.

Our work as a paper shredding and “information destruction” services company helps maintain a secure society. We protect your most confidential information and intellectual property. We use an abundance of caution establishing our policies and procedures. Our employee training is continuous, continuous, continuous!
Shred Northwest, LLC is the official January 1, 2017 “spin-off-launch” of our shred company as a separate and distinct business entity away from GSS Inc. Previously operating as “AccuShred NW” (also formerly known as part of the Accu NW brand), Brock Miller, and his same team of people who built AccuShred NW as part of an unbroken legacy of family management stretching back 4 generations to 1948, are still leading Shred Northwest, LLC. Shred Northwest is a great business with an IMPRESSIVE customer list and base, distinct mission and purpose, and vibrant-competitive position in the pacific NW marketplace.
We do not leave our customers high and dry and when a challenge arises, you can expect Shred Northwest to be a fully accountable partner who proactively works to put you first.
Shred Northwest has amazing customers…thank you!
The Shred Northwest team has a passion for innovating and accelerating our own levels of excellence. Without any doubt, the people in our team make all the difference in the world for you!
No Annoying Phone Trees when You Call. Customer Service that ROCKS!

Services in Oregon and Washington


Now that you have had a chance to cruise through our site, we hope you feel comfortable reaching out to us. We are determined to be the friendliest, most responsive, and most amazing shred company you can work with. Give us a call at 503-669-0460 or complete this form and let’s start a conversation. Talk to you soon. Thanks again!
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