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Shred Northwest Reflections on Peace After The Pulse/Orlando Terrorist Massacre


Terrorism and tragedy happened early Sunday morning this week with the horrific slaying of 49 people and injuring many others.  Shred Northwest supports the surviving families and loved ones of these people.  We are saddened that their lives have been cut short by the shameful actions of a coward and terrorist.  We are optimistic for peace.

In moments like, right now, we are starkly reminded how our day-to-day work securing our communities as a paper shredding and information destruction services company pales in comparison to the importance of human life…of families…of peace.

Do we have the resolve to each ask of ourselves:

  1. “Am I doing things that prevent and reduce brutality & violence in the world”?
  1. “What can I do as a new and different change to create more peace”?  
  1. “Am I behaving in ways that I can answer YES…I follow the Golden Rule”?
  1. “Am I willing to courageously stand up for my own beliefs, and let others take an equally courageous and opposing stand without forcing a showdown”?
  1. “Do I really, actually, care about the welfare of others”?

At Shred Northwest we are paid to get up in the morning, come to work, and keep people safe by shredding their confidential materials.  Shredding is our job…it’s what we do.  We are also people.  We have families.  We live in communities.  We go through trials, sickness and sudden-uncontrollable-events that can be poignant and utterly unbearable.  We experience life one moment at a time, we get older and go through life one day at a time…just like you.

As human beings we must make sacrifices for peace…it’s what we have done and continue to do as Americans.  At Shred Northwest we are grateful for the sacrifices from others so we have peace, and so those who are defenseless have peace.  May those affected by this terrible shooting find peace, and rest in peace.


-Shred Northwest


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