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Vancouver is our favorite northern neighbor–perhaps even our home away from home. In fact, a large chunk of our customer-base is out of the Vancouver, Battleground, and Camas areas. Because of that, we understand what organizations and individuals of south western Washington are looking for when it comes to information management services. We get it Vancouver! You’re looking for timely shredding services, absolutely professional grade security, LOW prices, and local experts.
Much like its PDX cousin, Vancouver boasts a rich cultural array of diversity. As such, we get all kinds unique requests from our customers; no matter what you need, we accommodate to make sure your experience is one-of-a-kind.



What’s Seattle offer that Vancover can’t do better? Answer: Nothing! What would the land of Ports be without the shores on the north side of the Columbia river? Answer: Vancouver is a gem worth discovering and experiencing. As a professional shred company we have a unique glimpse into the economic, scientific and inspiring organizations operating in Vancouver. We, like you, know that Vancouver is where success resides! At the very least it’s got Big Al’s where you may or may not find our team bowling it up on any given weekend. If you think Vancouver is amazing and love living and working there, know that Shred Northwest feels that way too. Give us a shot to earn your business today.


Before the internationally respected business thinker, Dr. Stephen Covey, died a few years ago, one of our executives had dinner with him. In that introduction a humorous source of conversation developed because, unlike Stephen Covey, who created GREAT ideas, Shred Northwest’s mission is to go around destroying such things…or at least the records of these ideas and intellectual property. Vancouver we respect your contributions to our local economy and we want to help protect your privacy in order to help you keep moving forward full steam ahead. There is no reason to delay your security or keep dealing with giant national firms when Shred Northwest offers such a great, local alternative.


-Making sure that HIPAA Compliance is more than a Trendy Slogan-
Salmon Creek has spectacular and renowned medical centers and Shred Northwest is right in the middle of it. For many years now Shred Northwest has been shredding many of the most prestigious medical centers and offices in the Vancouver Washington areas.
Working within the medical field has special legal considerations governed by HIPAA. Protected Health Information (PHI) is just that, “protected information”, and that includes protecting it during it’s final disposition. To protect PHI, and demonstrate HIPAA compliance much of our work happens before we ever arrive at your location. Risk assessments, identifying our areas of security we can improve, and training, training, training, are all ways Shred Northwest prepares to be a solid paper shredding services company for you.
Shred companies that destroy PHI, like Shred Northwest, are considered “Business Associates” (BAA) of the “Covered Entity” that a patient works with. Shred Northwest is a professional and responsible BAA and we have taken all the legal steps to be the right shredding partner for your medical office or other highly regulated organization.
As you could imagine, basically anything and everything that is printed on paper that has to do with medicine needs to be shred. Don’t take any chances having employees try to manage a “Recycle-or-Shred” program. All the material we shred and destroy is recycled! Hard drives containing electronic health data, x-ray images, prescription orders, even doctors notes scratched out on note pads needs to be destroyed. When we go to medical facilities to shred PHI, it is never coming back! The information has reached the end of it’s metaphorical life and we are taking it down!


Alright Portlandia, we hope you’re convinced that Shred Northwest is well qualified to take on your Downtown shredding project, or ongoing shredding routine. Fill out the form, or give us a call at 503-669-0460 and experience our world-class customer service. Talk to you soon.
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