Prince Purple Rain

Purple Rain in Portland

If Michael Jackson was the “King of Pop” then Prince was certainly, well, the “Prince”.

The death of Prince Rogers Nelson shook the world Thursday afternoon causing fans from all corners of the earth to gather in public places and honor the man, the legacy, and the music he left behind. Multiple videos from various cities and countries were posted of large gatherings of fans shredding out to Prince’s records–a sure sign that Prince will continue to live on in the earbuds and car stereos of millions. The gatherings surely did a lot to help Prince’s friends, family, and fans to cope with such an unexpected loss.
The awful thing about unexpected events is that they are–well, unexpected. Had we had a better knowledge of what was to come, we certainly would do more to prepare for it a little better. Life is certainly full of “unknowns” and that’s a fact known to all. We at Shred Northwest believe, however, that none of us needs to face the unexpected unprepared. Preparation, in fact, is the best way to handle whatever curve balls life throws at us. Preparation is like an investment in the future–one that can have a large payout when times get tough.
In our world of information management, we help customers from all over Oregon and SW Washington invest in the future of their information and data security. Information is the pivotal wheel that turns the engines of business. Companies are now learning that the protection and safe-keeping of their information is not only imperative for their business’s growth but also a massive liability that needs to be monitored and tracked with the utmost care.
The man or woman who buys an insurance policy on his or her house after it’s burned to the ground is forever too late. Fortunately, most organizations now understand the invaluable tool of preparation and are using services like ours to better anticipate the world’s infamous curve balls.
So whether you’re shredding to the music of the Prince of Pop or to the tune of our industrial shredders, you’re on your way to a happier, more care-free future! Because every shred is a little victory.

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