The Follies of Procrastination

There are few things more dangerous than the words “tomorrow I’ll do it.” Especially when “tomorrow” becomes a relative reference, instead of a static one, one that keeps getting pushed off to a different “tomorrow”. Nonetheless, millions of individuals (not just students) find themselves in the clutches of procrastinatory behavior, whether with work or personal life. The issue with putting things off is twofold: a decrease in productivity and an increase in liability.
For example, more often than not, when you put off an important task, you’re doing so to use that time on a different, less important, task. Before you know it minutes and hours go by, and precious productivity is drained from the workday.
Secondly, in relation to the liability downside, some of the items we put off may be protecting us from a number of ills. For example, suppose you keep putting off getting your drivers’ license renewed, or your car insurance switched over, your medical insurance revamped, or that tax information stored or shredded. The longer you put these tasks off, the more you expose yourself, your loved ones, or even your business to jeopardy.
So how do we reverse the plight of procrastination?
One very effective way to stay on track and get things done in a way that will keep the ball of life rolling is to plan. It’s a simple word that packs a big punch. Creating a timeline of tasks for yourself and those you work with is a simple way to ensure you keep on track. Often the reason we do fall behind is because we have nothing to measure our progress against. A schedule or timeline provides this measurement tool. Consider how effective it would be if you practiced running the mile without using a stopwatch. How would you know if you are improving or lagging behind? The answer is you simply can’t know. Thus, a form of measurement is necessary.
For those of you throughout Oregon and Washington who are sitting on piles of documents you’ve been meaning to shred, we offer some simple advice: just shred it! Set a day and get it done. You’ll be amazed at how simple the process is and how care-free you will feel having such a large liability out of your hair.
Just remember that, though it may appear daunting, a simple plan or schedule incorporated into your day-to-day activities will do wonders in all spheres of life. You’ll be amazed at how much you get done and how much more time you seem to have.
So let Shred Northwest get you started on your path to slaying procrastination.

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