NAID Member of the Year

Have you ever wondered what makes a company great? What is it about companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon that causes Fortune to label them as the top three most admired companies in the world? What makes people esteem these great companies so fondly?

There are a number of ingredients that go into a great company and pin-pointing one single thing is not only difficult but unnecessary. But one key to being one of the greats is a leadership that is passionate about their product and committed to improvement. This, more than anything else, will drive a company home into the hearts of people everywhere.
With that introduction we want to congratulate our own Shred Northwest general director, Brock Miller, who has been named the National Association for Information Destruction’s (NAID) “” for the second year in a row. Of Miller, NAID President, Don Adriaansen, said “Without exception, the colleagues and NAID staff who recommended Brock for this honor, consider him the embodiment of positivity, productivity and integrity”.
We’re proud of Brock for his achievement and know that this honor is a representation of the passion and enthusiasm that all of us at Shred Northwest have for our product and our industry. We’re committed to serving the businesses and families of the Pacific Northwest and we bring the knowledge and know-how to get the job done right.
Another shred, another victory.

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