Idea growth

How to come up with a great idea

We live in a country and a world rich with ideas.

Ideas and innovation push things forward and keep the wheels of life rolling on. Some of these ideas are incredible, others not so much. More often than not, it takes a number of bad ideas to finally reach one that fits the cut and accomplishes what you are hoping to achieve. The most important part is that you seek ideas that can help improve and progress work, life, and everything in between.


Consider these few steps to help increase your ability to be more creative:


Actively seek problems to be solved and processes that can be improved.

Individuals who keep their eyes on to the floor miss out on valuable opportunities to make things work a little better. Don’t go about your day so swiftly that you can’t recognize the things going on about you. Great idea generators choose to be very perceptive and pay special attention to detail. Out of the detail comes understanding.


Create an environment where others are encouraged to share ideas openly.

Sometimes your best ideas won’t even come from you; they’ll come through your encouraging those around you to share thoughts openly. Leaders aren’t great simply because they have great ideas. Leaders become great by learning to effectively execute great ideas, even if those ideas weren’t theirs. For example, Steve Jobs wasn’t always the mastermind behind all of Apple’s great products, but he knew how to execute ideas very well and, as a result, he became one of the most influential individuals of the modern era.


Don’t hold out for only home-run ideas.

Negative feedback, even if potentially warranted, can kill creativity. Be the type of person that encourages people to openly share thoughts, even if not immediately plausible. Good ideas rarely come out the first time; sometimes great ideas are simply a combination and a re-working of several not-so-great ideas. Be patient and let the ideas come.


The most important part is that we remain open to change and innovation. Create an environment of creativity and seek to execute suitable ideas well.


As ideas begin to flow, you will find that some will be insanely great. We can make sure those ideas stay safe for you. Other ideas will just be insane. That’s okay, too. We can make sure those ones never see the light of day.


We help businesses all over Oregon and Washington to keep their best ideas safe so that they can focus on keeping those creative juices flowing.

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