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Why we love Pdx

Shred Northwest bleeds Portland pride. As a local business, it’s important to understand your customers, the cultural environment, and the social norms of the area in which you operate. We go beyond knowing and understanding–we live and breath Portland!

There’s a lot to love about our piece of PDX paradise. You might be surprised, however to learn these neat facts about the city we know and love:
1. Portland has one of the best gender-equality records of any city in the world.
That’s right! Portlanders seem to lead the pack when it comes to equal treatment. For example, Portland was home to the first ever female police officer in the country (1920’s), as well as the first female mayor (1950’s). Additionally, it’s one of the few cities in the world that can claim that over 50% of local businesses are owned by women!
2. Portland is Food Cart Capital, USA.
Portland is definitely ever foodie’s favorite place to dine. With over 700 food carts throughout the metro area, you could dine somewhere new everyday for years before running out of options. Plus, Portland boasts one of the most diverse array of food cart cuisine. From Mexican, to Egyptian, Greek to Korean, Portland has your cravings covered.
3. Portland is every vegan’s favorite pantry.
We already know Portland is full of foodies; but did you know it also has more options for vegans and those with special dietary restriction than any other city? This fact, along with many others, showcase why Portland is considered one of the most accommodating cities in the nation, where all lifestyles are welcomed and embraced.
If those weren’t enough to make you fall in love with Portland again, here are a few others:
Portland has more breweries than any where else in the world! Portland was voted the best place to have a children. Its residents are also considered the most literate in the country and have the highest voting record. Portland also has a TV show that was created specifically to showcase the culture of the city–the only one of its kind!
There’s no question why we love Portland and the rich culture it provides to its residents. We love working with the great organizations and individuals that call Portland their home. After all, local business is all about catered service, home-grown expertise, and world-class excellence.
Thanks for making our home such a great place to live!

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