Shredding Sadness

Shredding Sadness

How do you shred sadness in your own sphere?


The world is a funny place. Yes, our lives are filled with many fantastic highs, but it also has its fair share of lows, as well. What makes the world a little bit better of a place is when individuals and organizations go out of their way to make the loads of others a little lighter.


As we go about servicing individuals, companies, and organizations throughout the area we get to see, hear, and experience firsthand the great things that the people of Oregon and Southwest Washington do for others.


We work with organizations that service homeless men, women, and children; organizations that fight for minority lifestyles and help those who subscribe to such lifestyles feel loved, accepted, and an equal part of society. We work with companies who, with their own money, fund awareness activities for children autism, hydrocephalus, and other disabling diseases. We work with companies who donate generously to religious organizations, Boy Scout troops, women’s shelters, and many more noble and uplifting causes.


From Astoria to Albany and Clackamas to the Columbia Gorge we’ve seen Oregonians do a lot to shred the sadness and hardship they see around them. And from Longview to Camas and Battleground to Vancouver, we’ve seen Washingtonians working hard to do the exact same thing.


Regardless of your location or ability, we invite you to shred a little sadness, in your own way, to those around you who need it. Shred Northwest believes in giving back and doing good to make our surroundings a little bit brighter.


We are proud to be a part of a community that believes in these same principles and feel honored to work with and alongside you.


Every shred is a little victory.

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