Ideas Worth Shredding

Sometimes you have an idea so great you have to shred it to keep it secret. Other times they are so bad you have to shred it so it never sees the light of day.

Shred Northwest, LLC.

Password Security

Password Security

Last week we celebrated World Password Day. It may seem like a strange topic to celebrate but, in reality, the subject is paramount. A password,

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The Follies of Procrastination

There are few things more dangerous than the words “tomorrow I’ll do it.” Especially when “tomorrow” becomes a relative reference, instead of a static one,

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Prince Purple Rain

Purple Rain in Portland

If Michael Jackson was the “King of Pop” then Prince was certainly, well, the “Prince”. The death of Prince Rogers Nelson shook the world Thursday

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NAID Member of the Year

Have you ever wondered what makes a company great? What is it about companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon that causes Fortune to label them

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