Ideas Worth Shredding

Sometimes you have an idea so great you have to shred it to keep it secret. Other times they are so bad you have to shred it so it never sees the light of day.

Shred Northwest, LLC.

NAID Member of the Year

Have you ever wondered what makes a company great? What is it about companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon that causes Fortune to label them as the top three most admired companies in the world? ...
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Why we love Pdx

Shred Northwest bleeds Portland pride. As a local business, it's important to understand your customers, the cultural environment, and the social norms of the area in which you operate. We go beyond ...
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Information Security

In speaking with our customers throughout all of Oregon and Washington we find that, to them, the biggest threat to their information's security is outsiders breaking in. Many organizations and ...
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Being Prepared with Shred Northwest

Life is full of uncertainty.   No matter how long we've been playing the game, no matter how much experience we've attained along the way, life throws curve balls all the time. Most of the ...
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Time Efficiency

Ben Franklin once said: Nothing is certain except death and taxes.   True, it is. But we'd like to propose another thing. We are absolutely certain, and we think you'll agree, that ...
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Preventing Paper Waste

Have you ever thought about how much work goes into making a single sheet of paper? Do you ever find yourself wasting it? Paper, you might be surprised to learn, has nearly reached precious resource ...
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How to come up with a great idea

We live in a country and a world rich with ideas. Ideas and innovation push things forward and keep the wheels of life rolling on. Some of these ideas are incredible, others not so much. More ...
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Shredding Sadness

How do you shred sadness in your own sphere?   The world is a funny place. Yes, our lives are filled with many fantastic highs, but it also has its fair share of lows, as well. What makes ...
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A matter of Security

On Wednesday morning Apple CEO, Tim Cook, rocked the nation with the issuance of a letter to Apple's customers. In this letter Cook intended to reveal information about a court order that went out on ...
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Let’s Think about Shredding

Quick. What's the very first thing that comes into your mind when you think of the word "shred"? For some people, thoughts of snow drifts and slick slopes come to mind; for others, half-pipes, ...
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