Planet X

Planet X

Astronomers now think there may be an additional planet in our solar system, just beyond Pluto. With the recognized “demotion” of Pluto, this would get the Milk Way back up to nine planets. The evidence of its existence is, of course, indirect as no visual proof or sightings have yet been made. But the proof is still somewhat convincing.

As you know, the discovery of Neptune was preceded by a simple hypothesis: astronomers noticed a strange influence upon the orbital patterns of Uranus and, therefore, predicted the existence of another planet exercising that influence upon it. And, of course, we know now that prediction was well founded and turned out to be correct.
The same goes for this new planet–or Planet X, as it’s being called.
You see, these astronomers noticed the peculiar orbital patterns of six solar system objects that clustered around the sun in a very unique way–so unique, in fact, that there is only a one in 15,000 chance that it occurs by coincidence. Rather, they believe this anomaly is the result of Planet X and it’s orbital influence on these other objects.
The amazing thing about this prediction is that if correct, it means we have an additional planet, about ten times the earth’s size, with an orbital patters so wide that it takes 15,000 years to make one full rotation (compared, of course, to the earth’s one year). Hopefully they have short winters!
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