think about shredding

Let’s Think about Shredding

Quick. What’s the very first thing that comes into your mind when you think of the word


For some people, thoughts of snow drifts and slick slopes come to mind; for others, half-pipes, skaters, and cement ramps. Yet still for others thoughts of shredded, Mexican cheese, or shredded-beef tacos permeate the brain. And we can’t leave out thoughts of gym junkies shredding those abs and glutes! All of these are valid responses.

When we at Accu NW think shred, we think of a lot of different things, too (yes, even shredded beef tacos). But even more we think of you and all the other Oregon and Washington natives we provide services to. We think of your businesses and organizations and all the great things you do. We think of all the information you need to protect, all of the data you store.

When we think shred, we don’t just think of paper confetti or paper pulp parties, we think of the good guys we’re protecting. We think of protection, security, and peace of mind. After all, that’s the service we aim to provide! We think of the thousands of customers who we have helped to reduced risks, cut costs, saved space!

So regardless of what comes to mind first, we hope you can add Shred Northwest to the mix. And when you think of us think: Protection. Security. Peace of Mind.

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