Time Managment

Manage your time with Shredding

If you were to divide your day into tasks, what tasks would you assume take up the majority of your time? How much time do you think you waste on looking for things you need? That shirt you wanted to wear today? Your keys? That stack of papers you leave cluttered on your desk? How much time do you think you spend on mindless tasks that you are required to perform regularly? If you’re like most employed adults, the answer is a lot. These things steal so much time from far more productive and important tasks.

How often do we hear people cry out: “Oh there just aren’t enough hours in the day?”

Trust me, the days are long enough. We’re the problem. We just don’t utilize the hours we do have.

Let’s get that fixed. With the amount of stuff we have going on from day-to-day, it become especially difficult to keep on task and organized. That’s why doing what we can to minimize wasted moments can sometime make or break us.

For the more mundane tasks you waste time with try implementing an automated approach. Few businesses these days waste precious labor hours on tasks that computers can do on their own. You’d be surprised at the amount of money and time you could save by automated a few things here and there–and at relatively little cost to implement.

In your own employment, look for things that you perform on a regular basis and ask yourself if it’s feasible to automate. Try speaking with your company’s IT specialist if you’re not as savvy in that department.

Now, as far as your keys and your messy desk go, that’s up to you to fix. You can, however, develop a system for yourself; create a way to organize your personal belongings. Train your mind to follow that system until it becomes second nature.

You’ll be surprised at how much spare time you find yourself with.

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