Ideas Worth Shredding

Sometimes you have an idea so great you have to shred it to keep it secret. Other times they are so bad you have to shred it so it never sees the light of day.

Shred Northwest, LLC.

Help stop the violence in America and SHRED RACISM and Create Peace

Shred Racism Create Peace-Dallas Police Killed

Shred Northwest is heartbroken at the horrible killing of 5 Dallas police officers.  Like you, we await the investigations of other recent police involed deaths with a saddened anxiety.  We ...
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Let's agree to do more for peace.

Shred Northwest Reflections on Peace After The Pulse/Orlando Terrorist Massacre

Shred Northwest Reflections on Peace After The Pulse/Orlando Terrorist Massacre   Terrorism and tragedy happened early Sunday morning this week with the horrific slaying of 49 people and ...
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“Hapless Monkey” – Business Lessons for Preparedness, Planning & Shredding

“Hapless Monkey” - A Business Lesson in Preparedness and Planning On Tuesday last week a "hapless" monkey wandered into Gitaru's plant site in Nigeria and tripped a few breakers which set off a ...
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Improper Information destruction

Concealing truth | Shaping a narrative | Twisting history | Manipulating perspectives | Spinning information -when information is destroyed improperly- Shredding your paper and confidential ...
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A Brief History of Recycling

Material waste is a common bi-product of industry, invention, and human existence in general. Wherever humans can be found (no matter how primitive their civilization) you will find trash, scrap, and ...
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What if Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders ran Shred Northwest?

Oregon cast their ballots this last week and the results are in! The winners of the Oregon Primary were none other than Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. In light of the Oregon voting outcomes, we at ...
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Northwest Recycler: BUSTED FOR CHEATING!

When the going gets tough companies can either sink or swim. Some companies use the struggle to prove their resilience and commitment to thrive; other companies throw in the towel--or sometimes even ...
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Password Security

Last week we celebrated World Password Day. It may seem like a strange topic to celebrate but, in reality, the subject is paramount. A password, after all, is the key that unlocks many of life's most ...
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The Follies of Procrastination

There are few things more dangerous than the words "tomorrow I'll do it." Especially when "tomorrow" becomes a relative reference, instead of a static one, one that keeps getting pushed off to a ...
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Purple Rain in Portland

If Michael Jackson was the "King of Pop" then Prince was certainly, well, the "Prince". The death of Prince Rogers Nelson shook the world Thursday afternoon causing fans from all corners of the ...
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