Drop Off Locations

What are your drop off locations?

Dropping off your paper at a shipping, or office supplies store may not be a secure option.  For more details, please click HERE to find a great discussion about the pros and cons associated with drop off shredding locations.

Where are you located?

The Shred Northwest headquarters are located on 2131 NW Birdsdale Ave Gresham OR.  This address is very easy to find.  NW Birdsdale is the same street as SE 202nd Ave. (Portland address). To find our office, just go east from Portland until you get to SE 202nd Ave and we are located on the west side of the street, between Division and Burnside.  We’ve been at this same location for decades and it’s a 5 acre property with multiple buildings.  The public office is located right on the street.  Please do not drive into the campus without checking in at the office first. Also, the Shred Northwest address of 2003 NW Birdsdale is not a public drop off service location. All drop off shredding occurs at 2131 NW Birdsdale Ave.

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