Paper Prep

Do I have to remove paper clips and staples from my paper before you can shred it?

Nope. You can leave it all on there. Paper clips, staples, binder clips, 2-prong fasteners are all acceptable to go in the shred bin with your paper.

I have X-rays in our clients’ files, do I need to remove them?

The answer is: it depends.  If you have x-rays and we are shredding on-site then most likely they will need to be removed.  If we are shredding offsite, then it’s possible we can do the sorting for you.  We hope you will be very clear with us if you have x-rays because if we don’t know there are x-rays in the paper and everything is shred together, it’s likely that the entire load becomes unable to be recycled.

Modern, digital, x-rays are plastic and have no residual value.  For modern x-rays we shred them and dispose of the remnants.  Traditional analog x-rays have trace amounts of silver and we can still recycle them for you via a destruction process.  Depending on the market price of silver commodities we may be able to do this at no charge.  When you call into our office, 503-912-3610, we will be able to work those details out for you.

My paper is in binders, do I need to take it all out?

As a general rule, you will not need to take your paper out of binders…we will do this for you.  However, we will ask you about the “looseness” of the paper when we are quoting you the price for the project.  Sometimes paper can be fastened together in 8-12 inch “books” of older “green bar” style of paper reporting with wires and complicated fasteners.  These need to be removed, as well as more common “3 ring binders” in order not to contaminate the paper, however if you just let us know when we talk about the scope of the project, there will not be any surprises for either of us.

We always go out of our way to not “nickel and dime” our customers.  Additionally, if we quote a price, we stand by it.  For more details about our quotes and prices, please see here.

Can I put CD’s in my shred bin?

A few CD’s are OK, but if you have several CD’s, tapes or hard drives to shred please let us know.  Large amounts of CD’s contaminate paper fiber and so we will need scope a non-fiber media destruction element into our proposal.

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